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What is SEO and Latest Google Rules

I am telling you what is SEO and latest google rules SEO is very important for website without SEO Website is waste of time.Learn here How To SEO and main tips about SEO

What is SEO
What is SEO and Google Rules

What is SEO and Latest Google Rules

The SEO is actually the expense of search engine optimization and it means to optimize any particular keyword in the search engine.use keywords and grow your website in Search Engine this called SEO, your Website is Google or you can rank on another search engine but it is very important to know something about it.

Lookup in Google, many Websites only come to the first page in Google, and there are thousands of pages in every tough search. Excluding links and pages, to rank on Google’s first page, is called SEO.

It contains many people because in today’s every thing doing on internet you can get every thing on internet and many more people have made websites and everyone wants my web site to come to Google’s first page and they work hard to rank their web site, which is called SEO. Google depends on the SEO, it has to see a lot of things that Google servers check out how this web site is, should it be brought to the first page, with how many websites on the internet What is the content about how it is not copied or encrypted by someone else, and many things that Google checks down to you Will tell the detail.

Types Of SEO

✧On page SEO

✧Of Page SEO

What is On Page SEO

On Page SEO depend on your website or that changes you just do on your website is called On Page SEO.You can post are static page publish on On Page SEO and other themes change Domain etc in Of Page SEO.

How To Start On Page SEO with Step By Step

♛ Website Analysis

♛ Rebot.txt File

♛ Content Optimization

♛ Meta Tags Optimization

♛ Keyword Research

♛ Meta Keywords

♛ Google Analytics

♛ Google Search Console

♛ Webmaster Tools

♛ Search Engine Submissions

♛ Sitemaps

♛ Alexa Ranks

♛ Landing Pages Optimization

♛ Blog Post Optimization

What is Of Page SEO

Of Page SEO depend on other website relation with your website in simply words those changes not on your website is called On Page SEO and in this type most powerful method is link building.

How To Start Of Page SEO with Step By Step

♛ Link Building

♛ Backlinks For Site

♛ Others Of Page Activities

♛ Directory Submissions

♛ Social Bookmarking

♛ Article Submissions

♛ Press Release Submissions

♛ Classified Submissions

♛ Videos Optimization

When you do this all projects with correctly Google will show your site on first page of Google with happiness.

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